Quantitative research – we provide services in the scope of constructing and conducting quantitative research. The offer is addressed to a wide audience. Our experience with methodology allows us to propose quantitative research (or help with carrying them out) for scientific needs, eg for scientific articles, final and diploma thesis – undergraduate, graduate and doctoral dissertations. We also offer a full set of quantitative research for the needs of companies.

Quantitative research is used in many cases, mainly based on a study conducted on a certain sample, to apply for a population that is larger than the sample. This is an excellent way to get a relatively low cost (only a group of people is surveyed, not the entire population) to get the information that interests you. Inference allows to capture not only numerical estimates for the population, but also to determine the statistical error that the test is burdened with.

Our offer regarding quantitative research:

Preparation of the quantitative study:

  • Analysis of available literature, or case study;
  • Development of the research problem;
  • Development of the research goal.

Preparation of the concept of quantitative research:

  • Selection of appropriate research questions and hypotheses;
  • Selection of the right scientific theory, under which tests are to be carried out (optional);
  • Selection of the research sample;
  • Choosing the right test method.
  • Conducting quantitative research:
  • According to the adopted research assumptions;
  • Corrections in the selection of the sample (if necessary).

Elaboration of the results of quantitative research:

  • Statistical analysis of research materials;
  • Appropriate construction of tables, charts;
  • Development of research results;
  • Verification of hypotheses;
  • Interpretation of test results;
  • Formulation of applications;
  • Cognitive applications and utilitarian applications (if applicable);

Formulating reflections and postulates regarding completed research.

When applying quality methods, very often attempts are made to qualify described attitudes or phenomena in a way that assumes the use of statistical analyzes. For this reason, both the qualitative and quantitative methods are often used to better visualize the phenomenon being studied. Our approach in this matter depends on the nature of the client’s order and will and expectations.

Good to know:

  • Quantitative research can be prepared in a language other than English
  • We ensure complete confidentiality and anonymity
  • We constantly control and improve techniques that check the quality of data received
  • Depending on the nature of the order, we can carry out the so-called quantitative research or qualitative analysis, sometimes it is necessary to combine both approaches (quantitative and qualitative approach)

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